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The Clan MacAlpine Society is the only worldwide Clan MacAlpine organization in existence today. Here, members of our Clan and our friends gather to share and preserve our Clan's history, develop kinship, and have fun!


Membership in the Society is reserved for any person of Scottish ancestry who bears the surname of MacAlpine, however spelled, and for the wife and descendants of such a person. Any person related by marriage or adoption to one of the above persons is also eligible. In keeping with Scottish traditions, all others who wish to honor our Clan through their association with us are welcome to join as a "Friend of the Clan."


Through your membership in the Clan MacAlpine Society, you can support your Clan in its efforts to get the word out about our re-establishment so that we can bring our kinsmen together and grow our membership. We have several hundred years of catching up to do! And, you will be supporting the Society's efforts to gain official recognition from the authorities in Scotland. With your help, we hope to someday soon be able to speak of our Clan with the recognition it so rightfully deserves. Additionally, through your membership in the Society, you help to preserve the records of the Clan's history and, to sponsor the Clan's presence at Highland Games.


Benefits of membership include: Automatic inclusion in the Clan Roll Call for qualifying members, a subscription to the Society's periodic newsletter "Remember the Death of Alpin", kinship opportunities with persons having a common heritage, notices about important events, access to the Clan MacAlpine Historical and Genealogical Repository (a future project), and more!


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