Family Roll Call

The Society maintains the Family Roll Call, which represents a listing of persons declaring themselves to be members of the family at-large who support the family revival efforts of the Society. This is of particular importance because we need to gather together as a family in order to successfully petition the Court of the Lord Lyon in Scotland to recognize a MacAlpine Leader. Without a substantial family body, our petition will likely be denied and family MacAlpine will continue to be unrecognized.


The names of all qualifying Society members are automatically added to the Family Roll Call upon submission of their Membership Application and, therefore, Society members need not complete the Family Roll Call Registration Form. Click here for membership information.


Those who have not yet joined the Society but who wish to add their name to the Family Roll Call to support our Family revival efforts can do so by using one of the links below. It's not too late for you to help your Family! Obtaining official recognition is a lengthy process and as we continue to grow, our position is strengthened.


This service is provided by the Society at NO COST to all members. Omission of your name from the Family Roll Call does not mean that you are not a member of the family, however, including your name will help to get the official recognition that your family deserves.


Adding your name to the Family Roll Call is not the same as joining the Society. Family members are encouraged to join the Society as a way to support the family's interests, financially and otherwise, and to participate in the heritage of the family.


 The Executive Committee of the Society is the final authority on all matters regarding the Family Roll Call. Confidential personal information that you submit is used only for Society purposes and will not be released to outside parties without your prior approval.


Qualifications: Registration in The Family Roll Call is reserved for any person of Scottish ancestry who bears the surname of MacAlpine, however spelled, and for the wife and descendants of such a person. Any person related by marriage or adoption to one of the above persons is also eligible.


Some Variant Spellings: Albain, Albanach, Albin, Ailpein, Allphin, Alpin, Alpine, Alpyn, Alpynsone, Calpin, Calpine, Culpen, Elphin, Galpin, Galpine, Gilpin, Halpin, Halpine, MacAilpein, MacAlipine, MacAlpan, MacAlpane, MacAlpeine, MacAlpeinne, MacAlpen, MacAlphine, MacAlpin, MacAlpie, MacAlpin, MacAlpy, MacAlpye, MacAlpyn, MacAlpyne, MacApline, MacCalpin, MacCalpine, MacCapie, MacCappie, MacCappin, MacCappine, MacCappy, MacCapy, MacCarpin, MacColpin, MacColpine, MacCoplan, MacCoplin, MacCoppin, MacCoppine, MacCorpin, MacCorpine, Mackalpe, MacKalpin, Makalpe, Makcalpy, Makcalpyn, Malcalpyn, M’Alpen, M’Alpin, M’Alpine, M’Alpyn, McAlpain, McAlpan, McAlpane, McAlpe, McAlpen, McAlphin, McAlphine, McAlpie, McAlpien, McAlpil, McAlpin, McAlpine, McAlpion, McAlpon, McAlpy, McAlpyn, M’Calpin, M’Calppin, M’Calpy, M’Calpyne, M’Cappe, M’Cavpy, McCalpie, McCalpin, McCalpy, McCapen, McCawpyn, McCulpen, McKelpin, M’Kalpie, MkKalpy

 Yes! Add my name to The Clan Roll Call. I want to show my support for my Clan and the re-establishment efforts of the Society. I have read the above and I qualify as indicated below. I understand that I am under no financial obligation as a result of adding my name to The Clan Roll Call and I can remove my name at any time.

Qualifying Rules

Rule A: I am of Scottish ancestry and bear the surname MacAlpine or a variant spelling thereof.

Rule B: I am the wife or a descendant of a person qualifying under Rule A.

Rule C: I am the spouse or an adopted child of a person qualifying under Rule A or Rule B.

Please send your name, address, and email address, along with the number of people that you are enrolling  to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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